Autistic Spectrum Team

Our Autistic Spectrum (AS) team provides a unique service to anyone living in the Royal Borough of Kingston aged 18 years and over with a diagnosis of high functioning autism (previously known as Asperger Syndrome). We help develop independence and confidence in our clients to allow them to achieve their long and short term goals. We have 3 support workers available to work with clients on a 1:1 basis, their families and their employers, as well as provide instructed advocacy at meetings and hearings. Clients who require more intensive support, particularly around communication and independent living skills, may be better suited to one of our other services but please contact us to discuss individual cases in more detail.

How to access support

You can refer yourself to the AS team or be referred by a health professional, family member or friend. We will only accept referrals if the client has given their consent. We require written evidence of your AS diagnosis and a completed referral form. Once we have received both documents by email or post, we will contact you to arrange an initial assessment. Please make sure you tell us how you wish to be contacted in the first instance. The referral form can be downloaded here

If you live in another borough, please contact us to find out how you can access our services.

Initial Assessment

An initial assessment may last up to 1.5 hours. This meeting gives us an opportunity to find out about your current situation and identify the types of support which could help you. We will agree a plan of action and organise a follow up meeting to get started. We welcome parents and carers to attend initial assessments with the aim for all subsequent meetings to be with the client only.

Practical help

The AS team has an excellent track record of providing short-term, low-level support to help clients become more independent. Our aim is to give clients the tools to eventually make decisions and take actions for themselves and this is the basis of any support we offer. If you need more intensive support, we have a range of other Balance services which may be more suited to your needs. We can support with issues such as education, employment, housing, benefits and social inclusion. Please do talk to us about any other issues, however, and we will do our best to help.

Social Groups

Social support is a vital part of our service and the AS team strives to help clients get more involved with their local community and learn hot to develop friendships. We run a number of social events each month including day trips, drop-ins and pub nights. We are also active on Facebook, Whatsapp & Twitter.  All our clients are invited to join these groups after their initial assessment in order to chat, meet up and be better socially connected.


Contact Us

Balance Autistic Spectrum Team
Hollyfield House
Hollyfield Road
Surbiton KT5 9AL

tel: 020 3468 3080