Employment Support – Mental Health

We are an employment support service supporting people with mental health needs  who are:

  • already in employment but finding it difficult to continue in their job
  • unemployed and finding it difficult to get back into work.

Employment is an integral part of life for most of us, but unfortunately, many people experience some form of health issues in their lives at some point, that can have an impact on their work.

We provide an impartial, supportive and confidential approach to finding solutions that help find the right job for you. We want to prevent people suffering with issues such as stress and anxiety from leaving their existing jobs, when they are both able and motivated to work.

Our trustworthy and supportive team will work with you and give you the support you need. Be assured that using our service will not affect your benefits in any way.

It’s an invaluable service which can make the difference between someone staying in employment or not. The experience I have had of using the service is that it is run by people who genuinely care and are motivated to make a difference in people’s lives

Accessing Our Support

To be eligible for our support, you must be registered with a GP in Kingston. You can be referred by your GP, Community Mental Health Team worker or Kingston Wellbeing Service Advisor.

Please use our referral form.


  • Impartial, confidential and personalised support
  • 1:1 sessions with an Employment Consultant
  • Group sessions on CV writing, interview techniques, managing anxiety and other common obstacles to work
  • Job clubs
  • Help with volunteering, work placement and training
  • Confidence building
  • Help with negotiating reasonable adjustments with new or existing employer
  • Support and advice on job searching, including CV preparation and interview skills coaching

Directory of Counselling Services in Kingston


This directory contains details of counselling services in Kingston. Most services provide short term counselling for individuals with common mental disorders such as depression or anxiety and the majority are for adults. Some services are for individuals with particular needs; these are described in each entry. These are provided by a range of statutory, voluntary organisations and private businesses.

Contact Us

Balance Employment Support Team,
Hollyfield House,
Hollyfield Road,
Surbiton KT5 9AL

tel: 020 3468 3070
email: info@balance-cic.com

Case Study

I am 56 year old professional with a degree in Chemistry and various other post graduate qualifications.  I finished working for a large multi-national bank in February 2012 as I had arthritis and could not commute; my mother had a heart attack in March 2012. I spent best part of 18 months managing my health issues and looking after my mother.

I started to feel depressed as my life revolved around hospital appointments and caring commitments and finally, I went to see the doctor and was prescribed low dosage of anti depressant. Having not had any income for nearly 18 months, I was beginning to feel financial stress too.

I was introduced to Balance via Kingston Wellbeing Service and met Employment Consultant, Karen Balharrie. Karen helped me significantly with principles such as looking after myself, focussing on things that give me pleasure, understanding that it is OK to say no, looking into alternative sources of income and transitioning from full-time employment to an alternative career that will see me though to retirement.

Within weeks of working with Karen, I was able to find a business opportunity that involved working with a High Street bank in central London. Since returning to work, I have noticed a significant change in my attitude to work.  I am more accepting of working with less responsibility and overall, I have fewer internal conflicts and dissatisfaction and am less competitive.

I am now able to look after my Mum, my house, her house, maintain a happy long distance relationship and work full time and I never thought I could achieve this. I can’t believe how in just 6 weeks of support from Balance; I have managed to turn my life around. Karen has helped me realise benefits of having a balanced life in such a short period of time. The consequential impact on all other aspects of my life has been phenomenal.  What I have learned and implemented is fundamental to how I live from here on and the changes are sustainable and have longevity. Thank You Balance and Karen.

Balance ESF Mental Health Employment Project 2012-2015 Final Evaluation