Snow Plan – Community Activities & Transport (February 2018)

As the forecasters are predicting the possibility of frost and snow in the coming days, we are writing to let you know our contingency plans.

We are committed to minimising the disruption to our service users, and will try to keep all of our services open at all times. However, we need to be mindful of the safety of service users and staff, so have planned the following procedures.

  • If the snow fall is heavy and a decision is made that we are unable to travel safely, we may need to close the transport service, Balance Catering and Stud Nursery.  We will endeavour to contact all service users before 8.30am to inform them of any changes
  • All information about closing services at Community Activities and Transport will be put onto our social media pages    (Facebook & Twitter – @BalanceCIC)
  • If snow continues to fall heavily throughout the day, we may need to take the decision to close services early to allow service users and staff to travel home

We will keep you updated to any changes during the day by phone call or text.

Thank you for your understanding.